Developing a framework for critiquing health research

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BSc, PhD, RN, RNT, PGCHE, ILTM, Head of the Institute of Nursing and Midwifery,
School of Health and Social Sciences, Middlesex University
BA, MPhil, RN, RGN, RNT, CertED, Senior Lecturer in Nursing, School of Health and
Social Sciences, Middlesex University
BA, MSc, PGDip, RN, DN, CertED (FE), Senior Lecturer in Health Studies, School of
Health and Social Sciences, Middlesex University

A new framework for critiquing health-related research is presented in this article. More commonly used existing frameworks tend to have been formulated within the quantitative research paradigm. While frameworks for critiquing qualitative research exist, they are often complex and more suited to the needs of students
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Most students are introduced to research methods and critical appraisal during their undergraduate education, or preparation for professional practice. Yet McCaughan et al (2002) report that qualified nurses reported problems in interpreting and using research. MacAuley et al (1998) highlighted how GPs who had been introduced to a model of critical reading were shown to have applied a more appropriate appraisal to studies than those who relied on critical appraisal skills acquired previously.
Whilst literature in relation to the ability to critically appraise research is abundant in relation to nursing and to a lesser degree in medicine, there is an emerging body of evidence in relation to other health care professionals.
Chalen et al (1996) identified several barriers to research-mindedness in radiographers, including a lack of knowledge of research methodologies. Domholdt et al
(1994) noted that this group had particular
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