Developing and Identifying Mental Toughness Components among Malaysian Footballers

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This finding has important implications for developing and identifying mental toughness components among Malaysian footballers. Two hundred and thirty-eight raw data were extract from twelve respondent involved in this study, and further been categorized into 15 second data theme and eight main themes. The results of this study indicate eight main themes of mental toughness profile from the respondent which include 1) motivation 2) negative energy control 3) self-confident 4) positive energy control 5) imagery 6) patriotism 7) religiosity 8) Focus. These findings further support that the first component identified is motivation. Motivation component contribute 21.9 %, the highest mental toughness main theme among recent Malaysian football players. Intrinsic motivation includes self-motivation and individual spirit. As mentioned in the literature review, the themes were excluded from the interview as respondent One responded: “if we observe our ex player, they are highly motivated playing for their country, Malaysia, and if they played at this condition, normally their mental already have the perception that they will win the game.” The second component identified is Negative energy and it contributes 19.2%, and most respondent refers stress and pressure as part of negative energy. The statement can be clearly identified from respondent 2 and 4. “To me mental stress err...the ability to control pressure, it is done consciously, and this is my understanding about mental

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