Developing and Retail Packaging a Product

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Developing and Retail Packaging a Product Print methods that I might consider for the first smaller runs Printing refers to the process of reproducing images and texts using ink on the packaging boxes facilitated by a printing press. Typically, it is done on a large-scale industrial procedure. This part is essential in the publication of the packaging boxes (Maindonald & Braun, 2010). In my business, I might consider various printing methods as discussed below. Letterpress: this method uses stamps in grabbing ink whilst placing it on the packaging boxes. This method is time consuming because it involves manually taking and placing letter stamps on the boxes. However, with the advent of technology, full page stamps have been introduced, which has made this process easier. Nevertheless, it is still inefficient when compared to other printing methods. Today, the letterpress has become too expensive because its efficiency has improved (Kipphan, 2009). Offset Lithography: this printing method is commonly used in the current modern world. In addition, it is among the oldest methods of printing. For this method to work, we must employ the principle that oil and water do not mix. Here, the image is burned on the printing material. The material is then attached in a way that the images pick water when it goes round the printing press. Because oil and water do not mix, the image will only stick to areas with no water. The material then comes to contact with a blanket and the

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