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The Developing Manager (Unit 7) Ferdousi Uddin Introduction There are certain skills that need to be learned in order to assess the potentiality of someone in becoming a manager. This assignment aims to achieve this by understanding principles and practices of management behaviour, reviewing own potentiality as a prospective manager via stimulations and role plays and how to show managerial skills within a business and services context. Then finally, addressing and analysing a real life case study and relating it to the theories learned. PART A-REPORT AND ACTION PLAN: 1.1 (P1) Management theories are an assortment of ideas and rules which aims to present how a business or organization should be managed. Therefore it…show more content…
Nevertheless, a downside of this type of management is that it can take longer than usual as everyone’s opinion is having to be heard before forwarding to the next step. Additionally, if despite listening to the employees perspective on the change; the manager still decides to listen to their own opinion without integrating the feedback may mean that the staff feel that the manager does not value their opinion enough consequently he is choosing to ignore it instead. Comparing this to autocratic and democratic management, this type of management style is best in making the team feel more involved and making it easier for the staff to implement towards all the changes coming down. It also works well in situations where the business may need to brainstorm ideas where teamwork can be convenient in coming up with new product ideas or marketing promotions. Lastly, one last type is laissez faire management style. In this leadership management style, the team are free to complete the job or task in any way they wish. But the manager is still there to provide any guidance or answer to any questions the team may have. This is beneficial in allowing the individual to build up leadership skills which they can apply in future careers. On the other hand, this can prove to create conflict amongst the employees as one may feel that they can dictate over others and make the assumption that they know only how the work should be
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