Developing my Linguistic Skills with Sherlock Holmes

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I was looking for a way to develop my linguistic skill, some of my friends suggested reading books would help a lot. I decided to give it a shot. I haven't had interest in reading some random books, I wanted something exceedingly interesting and equally mysterious. I was discussing about my idea with my dad, he suggested reading "Sherlock Holmes". That's how, I came to know about the book "Sherlock Holmes". I was amazed by the way Sir Arthur Conan Doyle carried the stories. The Authors who had written romantic stories might have fallen head over heels for a guy/girl, the stories they heard from their friends/neighbors, happened in their friends/neighbours lives might have inspired them and provoked them to write romantic novels. The Authors who had written their own biography, perhaps spent some time alone recollecting their good old memories, their achievements, their hurdles and how they had successfully managed to cross the hurdles along the way to success. And, the authors who narrates fables might have either spiritually inspired or motivated by certain people who devoted their entire lives for others or by particular religion. Another some categories are the authors writing thriller and detective novels. I was wondering about the authors who writes detective and crime stories. what could have inspired them to write such kind of novels, had they experienced any exciting…

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