Developing the Global Manager

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| Leadership challenges faced by managers leading a multi-national workforce | Developing the Global Manager Report | | | | Glossary HCN: Host Country Nationalsg MNC: Multi-national Company MNW: Multi-national Workforce Contents Page Introduction 4 Aims 4 Objectives 4 Leadership Challenges 5 Recommendations 15 Conclusion 16 Appendix 17 References 20 Introduction This report aims to discuss on the challenges faced by managers in leading a multi-national workforce (MNW). For MNC managers to achieve a well- balanced fluidity of leadership,…show more content…
Trust according to Darling (1999) implies reliability, accountability and predictability. When leaders are trusted, MNW will acknowledge and appreciate their positions (Darling 1999). Seeing face to face enables trust to be easily built (Haslberger 2005). This can be built over time even during informal times as on breaks and lunches (Meyer et al 2011). If MNC managers spend more time with MNW, even two days can help relationships to be built (Lipsky 2009). When relationships are built efficiency and trust are made (Morris et al 2006). Once long term positive performances and behaviours that are consistent, confidence and trust in MNW and managers are strengthened (Deresky 2003). Organizational integrity is enhanced when there is trust in an organisation. 4.03 Managing the Task Managing the tasks in MNC can be of a challenge to MNC managers. Even though operating guidelines are put in place by managers, the question is how effectively they are implemented as values may differ in a diverse MNW (Lipsky 2009). Doing follow ups may be essential to see if what is agreed on is actually implemented across different cultures. Ensuring that all organisations across the world are kept updated with information at the same level is fundamental (Lipsky, JB 2009). 4.04 Managing people Managing people in MNW can be perplexing. If managers are unable to understand the MNW, meaningful influence and effectiveness becomes diffschein icult (Darling 1999). Oertig and
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