Developing the Perfect Contract

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The Perfect Contract As one of the best ways to diversify sources of revenue when ordinary clients are not bidding, many small businesses are increasingly seeking to make the federal government a client. This is primarily because the federal government is the largest buyer of goods and services more than any other contractors. For instance, the United States government is the largest buyer of products and services worldwide as it spends approximately $500 billion annually. In 2011, the federal government awarded prime contracts worth $93.3 billion to small businesses. However, the main issue for the contractors and small businesses is to develop a perfect contract that will be most advantageous to both the government and the contractor. This is especially with regards to dealing with red tape, which can be an arduous process though there are various approaches for making the process to go more smoothly. While the main challenge is to maneuver into the system and find a governmental need to meet, the development of a perfect contract requires sound accounting systems and the presence of experienced contract attorneys (Flandez, 2009). There are various factors that have been suggested that are critical for contractors, particularly small businesses to win a government contract. Some of these factors include finding out which contractors are getting government contractors and the kind of work they do, working with other people with experience in federal contracting work,
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