Developing the Strategic Plan for Civista Medical Center as They Implement a Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

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Financial planning is a key element in the implementation of the strategic plan to ensure organizational objectives are met. The objective of this paper is to continue to develop the overall strategic plan for Civista Mecial Center as they plan to implement a cardiac rehabilitation program. The projected budget will be discuseed along with financial assumptions and capital expenditure planning. The budget will be summarized and the projected budget for phases I and II will be included.
Focus of the Program
The cardiac rehabilitation program at Civista Medical Center (CMC) will be supervised by professionals with the aim of helping people recuperate from cardiac events, surgery, and cardiac procedures. The program will be designed to
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Strategies will be formulated and progress will be evaluated with adjustments as necessary. The strategic plan for the organization will be developed by the Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors with input from all stakeholders including patients, volunteers, physicians, employees, and community members. The strategic plan is based on the issues that are considered to be most critical in support of cost effective, high-quality care and services. Many of the strategic imperatives are important related to building trust through external agencies that rate the quality of care provided. High ratings are critical for the organization to maintain trust and support in the community served.
The quality of care and safety of patients at Civista Medical center is the highest priority for the entire organization including the proposed cardiac rehabilitation program. In the years ahead, there are opportunities to enhance the level of care and improve the safety of the environment. The projected budget peiod will include 3 phases. Phase 1 will cover the initial 6 months. Phase 2 budget progjections are for the period up to 2 years. Finally, the third phase includes a 3-5 year period. Civista will strengthen its existing culture by implementing best practice, evidence based, and performance improvement projects to achieve even better outcomes. This will be accomplished through the
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