Developing yourself as an effective practitioner

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Certificate in Human Resource Practice

Developing Yourself as an Effective Practitioner

Assessment – 3DEP

Student: Michelle Green

Due Date: 16 December 2014


1. Activity A

Summary of the CIPD HR Profession Map

Activities and Knowledge specified within 1 professional band

2. Activity B

Report on how HR practioner should ensure service they provide is timely and effective:

Understanding customer needs

Effective communicating

Effective service delivery

3. Activity C

My HR Map

4. Activity D


Activity A

Summary of the CIPD HR Profession Map

The CIPD HR map has been designed to provide a standard for professionals within HR to measure their
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If for example two matters, both with the same level of urgency came to the fore at the same time, then it would be wise to seek advice from Manager and ask him which task he would like dealth with first and find out if another member of the team could perhaps deal with the other one.

Effective communication

There are various methods of communication we can use as a HR Professional, and which method we choose will be dependent on the circumstances.

Listed below are three methods and their pros and cons.

Method of Communication
Verbal (Presentation)
Presentation – two way communication
Powerful – to sell decisions
Unlikely to sell a large idea without written evidence as back-up
Cannot be recalled in error

Personal, Warm and Timely
No paper trail
Can be open to misinterpretation

If for example we were trying to sell an idea of a change that we would like to implement, a report would indeed be factual, perhaps issued to Managers, who may not have the time to read it and would be your key influencers as to whether your idea would be approved or not.

It would be to your advantage to give a verbal and lively presentation, which would enable you to persuade your audience of the idea and also provide a two way conversation, with any questions Managers may have that may not not be immediately
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