Development And Design Of A Test

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There are many things to consider throughout the development and design of a test. Test developers must have an understanding of how to develop reliable measures to assess specific constructs while factoring in things like the guidelines of administration to keeping up with necessary revisions and accommodations. Test development is defined as the production of measures of knowledge, interests, attitudes, or skills through test item scores to be brought together into a format to be administered to examinees. Development of tests are also concerned with the reliability/precision, fairness, and validity of tests and test scores at the point of initial development and throughout any changes made to tests. Test design primarily focuses on…show more content…
Furthermore, the age of the students the developers select as the tests intended test takers plays a significant role in the development of the rest of the test. For example, test developers will have to establish an expectable level of difficulty of the test items for each age or grade level to ensure the test is testing giftedness or not. It is apparent that these decisions must be made before any other aspect of the test can be developed. Upon establishing the intended use, content specifications (or content framework) requires test developers to define the extent of the selected construct that the test scores will measure. Furthermore, a greater understanding of the tests relation to measuring the intended construct should be established. After the content specification of the test is established, the test developers must decide on the test’s format. Test format refers to specifications of test items, responses, and scoring procedure. With that being said, it is essential to have reasoning for the test’s format such that the selected format does not compromise the tests reliability, validity, or fairness of the use of scores. For example, test formats that are unnecessarily difficult to understand, administer, or score, should be replaced with an easier and simpler option—unless the test’s complex format is intended for some purpose that the will not result in construct-irrelevant variation in test scores. Clark and colleagues
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