Development And Development Of Mass Media

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Mass Media: Development and Literacy The major developments in the evolution of mass media in the last century were newspapers, magazines, and radio. In the 1940’s these were the major developments that were used the most. This were where people got all information on media. Everyone always looked for the newspapers in the morning for information around their area about updates and media information that was needed or what interested them. It wasn’t until the 1950’s that television came into the big picture and people were able to get updates on the news, ad campaigns, celebrity gossip, world news updates became available. Television became the main source of resources for the mass media. In 1960’s the first satellite was released it allowed access to worldwide news. Satellites are still used today for information from NASA, and throughout worldwide for communication. Developments for mobile phones to computers to the internet. The process continues to increase and get faster every day. There is always new ways to improve, and the people who work on these are always trying to find the newest way of improvement. The growth of mass media continues to grow as centuries continue to get further and further into the future. New technology is always being evaluated and presented more than it has in the last century. The drive to get better, and faster is used by many. This is their mission for the future and in today’s world. People want to be informed on what is going on around
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