Development And Measurement Of Attachment

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Development and Measurement of Attachment in Early Childhood Attachment refers to the specific, strong, long-term binds in human interpersonal relationship. When getting along with whom one form attachment with, one would feel secure and comforted. Though some said that the attachment was firstly formed in pregnancy, the main formation of attachment is mostly developed in infancy and early childhood (less than 5 years old). In the second half of the first year, infant would start to recognize and become attached to the familiar caregiver who always responds to their needs. When they feel insecure or alarmed, the attachment would be served as the behavioral stimulation which directs them to turn to the caregivers for protection and…show more content…
The lateral development in toddler is not only influenced by the early attachment experience but also the continuing quality of parent-child relationship. Although nearly all babies raised by families develop attachment to a least one family caregiver, the quality of the bonds differs depending on their relationship and interaction. Therefore, the 3 review papers are provided to examine the formation of attachment in 3 different approaches: 1. Security of Attachment and Quality of Mother-Toddler Social Interaction in a High-Risk Sample To study the parent-child relationship, the attachment security of children as well as the quality of their social interaction with parents are two main indicators. However, considering the association between attachment security and parent-child interaction, it remain unknown that whether the parenting behaviors which are viewed as more general (non-attachment) interaction, such as teaching, playing and limit-setting, have a strong influence on the development of secure attachment (Ainsworth, 1990; Bowlby, 1982). Therefore, this study aims to further explore this issue by observing the toddler’s behaviors in the Strange Situation as well as play session. The in high-risk samples including prenatal cocaine exposure and low levels of maternal education are also accessed and compared. This study might be crucial in determining the risk factors
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