Development And Overall Wellbeing For The People Of Bangladesh

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In 2000, The United Nations announced the Millenium Decleration goals (MDG) and pledged to invest money on a stratergy in order to achieve these goals. They also aim to improve the economic social and environmental wellbeing of Bangladesh. The following report will outline and analyse two strategies as well as evaluate these stratergies against three criteria; social, economic and environment in order to improve the development and overall wellbeing for the people of bangladesh. With an area of about 147,570 sq. km, Bangladesh is located north of the Equator along the Tropic of Cancer and in South Asia. The country is bordered by India on the east, west, and north and by the Bay of Bengal on the south (National Geographic, 2012). The countries main industry is agriculture due to the numerous rivers that flow through the country, making the soil very fertile. It is a country constantly affected by floods, droughts and many other natural disasters. This fact makes it extremely difficult and expensive to build modern transportation and communication networks, making it very hard for the country to develope. The situation is further complicated by the fact that the Bangladesh government has sharply limited resources; not only for building new infrastructure, but also for maintaining the existing one. (bangladesh, 2012) If we look at the graphs, it is clear Bangladesh has a higher population with a smaller area; therefore they have a much greater population density. For a
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