Development As Dignity : A State Of Complete Physical, Mental And Social

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ra Sanchez POLS 363 Professor Cornett October 1st, 2015 Essay 1 Development as dignity Generally, the word development is always linked to the concept of economic growth, but this is not necessarily true. The well-being of the members of society is more important than economic resources. Therefore, development ultimately consists on expanding people’s opportunities to live a dignified life based on better health, education, employment and political freedoms. Development is inherently political because it represents society’s most important goods. Arrangements society makes for health, education, employment, and political freedoms help people to live better, because this helps them to participate in economic and political activities as…show more content…
6) Life expectancy at birth; indicated the average number of years a newborn infant would live. Education is a process by which values are assimilated. Same values that lead us to achieve intellectual knowledge about rights, laws, and history. Education is intrinsically important to development because it makes people competent and skilled. At national, regional and international levels competent and skilled people are an important element of society; because more prepared people mean greater contributions to society. These are also important characteristics to avoid making the same mistakes and to reach higher incomes based on production. This is why education is considered important for social and economic development of a country. A country that doesn’t make education a priority is doomed to fade into mediocrity. In the wealth or poverty of a country depends on the quality of education. It is necessary to dignify education; a prepared populations is competitive, which attracts foreign investment that benefits production and at the same time it also benefits incomes. Undoubtedly, education is instrumentally important to development. For example, having certain knowledges and skills facilitates employment opportunities. But the most important part of this instrumental value is that it improves lives of people directly by

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