Development At Different Stages Of The Life Span Of An Individual Essay

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1.1 Development at different stages of the life span of an individual, using psychological theories: Psychosocial Development (Erikson, 1950, 1963): Stage 7 – Generativity vs. Stagnation (middle adulthood) Hannah is 45 years old, married and has two children, one is 10 years old and in primary school and the other is 4 years old and in nursery. Hannah is a health and safety consultant in one of the big oil company based in Aberdeen. Hannah feels that she has a big responsibility towards her family and her job. During this stage, Hannah strive harder in creating and nurturing things which she thinks it would outlast her, this is frequently happen on her parenting role - to care for her children, her contribution to her job and community, which, could benefit the company, other people and the society where she lives in. She spent time contributing her knowledge on health and safety programs, training, proposals and changes which focus on safety environment, as a better place to live and work for future generation. She also feels satisfied when she can reach out to those charities she has been sending aid to, because of positive relationships she had with people. (Generativity). Recently, she has been diagnosed with colon cancer, which makes it difficult for her to continue working due to various hospital appointments and child rearing. Hannah’s husband work every day and is the main provider of the family. Hannah’s family has struggled to cope with their daily routine
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