Development Challenges in the Context of Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwe as a developing state has a number of developmental challenges that emanate from different quarters within the parameters of its political, social, economic, technological and environmental set ups. This factors which are both historical and current intermingle in arresting development as to be discussed.

To begin with, the past corporate driven global economic policy termed the Economic Structural Adjustment Programme of 1991 and the ratification of various trade agreements like the SADC Trade Protocol, the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA and the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD), among others are the starting points for
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Such a scenario gave rise to the persistent labour disputes cutting across both the private enterprises and the civil service. This leaves the majority of workforce with low disposable income such that it would disable them to fend for their dependents in critical areas like health, education and basic utilities which are the primary factors in achieving development.

The issue of bitter inter personal conflict between the ZANU PF principal President Robert MUGABE and MDC T leader Prime Minister Morgan TSVANGIRAI is also derailing the passing of key decisions that affect development. The Zimbabwe Independent edition of 5 to 11 February 2010, page 1, reported that Prime Minister TSVANGIRAI had rejected a directive from the Presidency directing all Ministers to report to the country’s two (2) Vice Presidents, not to TSVANGIRAI as stated in the initial agreement of the working modalities of the AIG as stated in the Global Political Agreement (GPA) that the parties signed in September 2008. As such, the process of getting executive authority to undertake key projects will be prolonged due to such fights for power and control within the government structures. This could be because each party would be after pursuing the credit for coming up with any particular positive project. Furthermore, the MDC Tsvangirai party claims that there are many outstanding issues that ZANU PF should fulfill as per the GPA agreement to which ZANU PF said that it would not cede to any
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