Development For An Adolescent Heading Into Young Adulthood

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Socioemotional development for an adolescent heading into young adulthood can be a very complex and difficult stage to grasp and to fully understand especially if they are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT). Having emotions of affection towards someone of the same-sex can be quite confusing when you are coming into adulthood. Many questions and many more emotions arise when trying to deal with the situation. Now, throw in some religion and what do you get? Chaos, fear and even more confusion. One man and one women is how it always supposed to be, right? Am I going against what the Bible says or even how I was raised? What do I do? What would my friends and family think? WHAT ABOUT MY PARENTS? Should I “come-out” or keep this a secret? As an adolescence raised in a society that is well-known for its traditional values of only one man and one woman, they begin to question and challenge the very existence of those values as they come into early adulthood. In today’s society, LGBT adolescences’ coming into young adulthood are becoming more exposed to discriminations against LGBT such as those of North Carolina’s new anti-LGBT law or the even more extensive bill that was recently passed in Mississippi that would protect and encourage business owners in the state to discriminate against people of the LGBT community. How would this effect a young LGBT adult coming into the workforce? For my Signature Assignment, I will be focusing on the socioemotional development on
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