Development Indicators

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TITTLE: An essay on development indicators describing the following indicators that may be used to explain levels of development within countries: (a). (b). (c). Gross National Product (GNP) Child (Under- five) Mortality Rate Human Development Index (HDI) TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. Defining Development Indicators 3. Gross National Product 3.1 Advantages of GNP 3.2 Disadvantages of GNP 4. Child (under - Five) Mortality 4.1 Advantages of child (under-five) Mortality 4.2 Disadvantages of child (under-five) Mortality 5. Human Development Index 5.1 Advantages of HDI 5.2 Disadvantages of HDI 6. Most suitable Development Indicator 7. Conclusion 8. List of References 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 1. Introduction Progress or…show more content…
HDI is used by UNDP to categories the world into high, medium and low development which is friendlier than categorizing the world into Third World / First World, ‘North/South’ Divide. 5.2 Disadvantages of HDI One limitation of HDI is that it does not show the internal inequalities in welfare within countries. Another limitation is that there is no automatic link between income and human development. 6. Most Suitable Development Indicator HDI is the most suitable indicator for explaining the levels of development within developing countries because it gives a better picture of levels of development in that it includes both social and economic aspects. It focuses on peoples quality of life.. It is a broad based view of development than measures of wealth. Life expectancy is a reflection of the well- being and health care within countries while education (literacy) gives more opportunity to people which are a key factor in poverty reduction. 2. 7. Conclusion. Gross National Product (GNP), child (under-five) Mortality Rate, and Human Development Index (HDI) are indicators that may be used to explain levels of development within countries especially developing countries. HDI however, embraces a broad based measure of development and as suxch I consider it the most suitable indicator to measure levels of development. LIST OF REFERENCES 1. Cornwell, L & De Beer, F 2010 Only Study Guide for DVA1501. Pretoria. University of South Africa. 2. Mojapelo-Batka,
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