Development Of A Built Development

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From the initial development stages of a built development, project definition is carried out in the period from receiving the performance specification during the inception stage, up until the receipt of full planning permission. The RIBA Plan of Word specifies work stages to reach the planning application stage where the clients’ approval allows the scheme to be submitted. These stages consist of: inception, feasibility, outline proposals and scheme design. The CIOB Code of Practice talks about an outline brief moving towards a full definition that covers the clients’ objectives, functional requirements, project outline scope and constraints. The detailed brief provides the resource requirements, a scheme design and a feasibility and strategy appraisal. The development of the brief is a critical stage at which the scope of the project is properly established and verified by the project constraints, which ultimately leads to the planning permission to process.

The crossover between strategy and feasibility provides an axis for checking between the process and the product throughout the timeline of development. Design development can be cost checked, the procurement method can be evaluated to suit the client’s requirements and the impact of design on construction method and construction time can be assessed. Moreover, risk is identified and the best value is managed. The project manager has the responsibility to co-ordinate the whole process and to ensure that the
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