Development Of A Child 's Social And Emotional Development

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Within the area of child development there have been many scientific studies which have formed our understanding of children’s social and emotional development, within this essay I am going to look at some of the theses developmental theories and how they have impacted modern day society in understanding the development of a child’s social and emotional development. Development is "the pattern of change that begins at conception and continues through the lifespan" (Santrock, 2008, p.5) Emotional development is the development of a child’s expression, understanding, and how they regulate their emotions from birth through late adolescence. Piaget is one of the first people to look at developmental theory and through her theoretical developments, the foundation for modern day developmental theory was laid. The Key concepts of Piaget’s theory are vital in understanding many of the contemporary developmental theories today. One of the key theoretical concepts developed by Piaget is adaptation ‘adapting to the world through assimilation and accommodation (Atherton, 2010).’ adaptation is crucial to theoretical concepts of development, it states that each child passes through various stages of development in which a child has to adapt to individual changes in their social environment, psychological development and personal development. For example an example of accommodating is, a child learns to grasp a new object in a different way, or learns that the new object should not be
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