Development Of A Mobile App For Healthcare

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2. Literature review

This section describes the initial phase of using mobile technologies in healthcare sector presenting the review of past and current apps and innovations. Also, this describes the issues surrounding the development of a mobile app for healthcare. It also studies the general questions faced from the exploration of health services in Nepal. The main aim of this project is to develop a healthcare app for a mobile that best suits the general people and healthcare providers in Nepal by further investigation based on its availability, accessibility and usability.
There are 75 districts in Nepal, but the most developed are the three districts of Kathmandu Lalitpur and Bhaktapur within Kathmandu valley. Because of the time limit, I focused my research study onto these three cities to collect and investigate the development of mobile app for health services and its implementation.
These cities have a strong mobile communication and various other services such as banking, mobile shopping cart etc., available. But people from various income levels live in these cities which create more challenges and issues. While carrying out the research I came across the mobile banking initiative launched a couple of years back. By the end of 2011, a mobile banking in Nepal couldn’t be imagined, but today even in the rural areas people have started using a mobile banking even if there is no branch of the respective bank. This was all successful because of the share will of the…
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