Development Of A Sustainable Development Essay

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Sustainable development still continues to be the main concept around which environment and development are organised. In addition, sustainable development is currently identified as a primary policy goal of many more institutions in development than at any previous time (Elliott, 2006). The general interpretation of sustainability is that development policies must be controlled allowing natural resources to be sustained at their initial level. The sustainability criteria ensures that future generations enjoy the same amount of resources that are undiminished relative to those of the present (Quiggn, 1997:1). However the fundamental assumption presently is that people are over using resources consequently leaving future generations with lesser and that are the cause of these depletions are market processes (Huggins, 2003: 57-71). There are two factors that need to be considered in relation to sustainable development in order to measure and reduce the impacts of the issues facing sustainability. Discount rates are generally used to calculate the future benefits that can be benefited today. Property rights are generally used as a tool to achieve sustainable development.

What is sustainable development?
Sustainable development is the theory of the relationship between the environment and economic growth (Asefa, 2005: 1-18). According to the Brundtland Commission’s report, sustainable development can be defined as the “ability to make development

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