Development Of Cells And Pluripotent Germ Cells

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Development of germ cells from embryonic stem cells and pluripotent germ cells. The need to have children is one that outstrips almost all other desires in life; however, many biological and environmental issues have arisen to deny some of this natural opportunity afforded to many others. From this we have seen the rise of solutions such as assisted reproduction which affords the chance for people to experience child rearing and care however, it does not offer in most cases the opportunity for the experience to be with their own biological children. The need of people to have biological children has given rise to research in to deriving gametes from other sources such as pluripotent stem cells or embryonic stem cells. Infertility is…show more content…
From this the embryos are cultured for up to 5 days and if viable, one or more are placed in the uterus for the remaining reproductive cycle to occur (Sherbahn, 2015). Furthermore, current assisted reproductive techniques such as intrauterine insemination have decreased the time required for the procedure and increased the chances of pregnancy (IVF Australia, 2015). These procedures however, are only applicable for cases which involve physical or environmental problems such as low sperm counts or poor motility of sperm in males or endometriosis in females (Todd, 2015) and therefore can not help people that have genetic issues with their gametes which is a more difficult issue to overcome. Currently couples that have sterile gametes can only resort to donor banks for sperm and/or eggs which removes one or both parents as genetic contributors to the embryos make up however recent research in embryonic stem cells and pluripotent stem cells have lead researchers to hypothesise their use to create new gametes for male and females with their own genetic material thus allowing them to have biological children (Bhartiya, Hinduja, Patel, & Bhilawadikar 2014). Research being conducted by Hayashi et al (2011), showed that it was possible to create live mouse pups from sperm cells that
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