Development Of Children 's Language

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This essay will discuss the development of children 's language, and the different rates that children learn the language and the methods that they use to do this, this also takes into account those children who have SEN, learning difficulties or children who have been diagnosed with a language delay. The definition of language delay is; if he or she is not meeting the language developmental milestones for his or her age. (

Child A 3 Years 5 Months
Child, A was sat playing with the cars on the mat by themselves whilst the other children in the setting were doing their group activities (this is because Child A is not used to being around many children and does not like to take part in group where there are too many senses happening at the same time), they spent most of their time sending the cars down the ramp and then placing them back on top to do it again, after a while of sending cars down the ramp and putting them back on the top ramp to do it again, Child A then discovered that they could use the lift on the multi-storey car ramp to get the cars to different parts of the ramp, rather than just placing them where he wanted them. Child A was able to work out how many cars could fit in the lift at one time to make the lift work. Child A then worked out that if they took one of the ramps off when the cars were going down it, then the car would fall off, Child A was then able to mend the ramp so that the cars could continue going…
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