Development Of Creative Learning And Innovative Teaching Essay

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The fast evolution and take up of technology, especially by young people, has a essential influence on education, challenging educators and schools to discuss the changed learning patterns and needs of their students. Creativity and innovation in education is not just an opportunity anymore, but a necessity (Bottino, Forcheri, & Molfino, 1998). Which is why we debate that creativity and innovation are deeply connected but it has also proposed a differentiated approach for the field of education in which creativity is more richly associated to learning, and innovation to teaching. NEW KNOWLEDGE GAIN FROM COURSE One of the most significant information I gained while going through this course was the development of creative learning and innovative teaching. This style of learning and teaching would better prepare our students for academic, and real life success. Technologies play a vital role in learners’ lives and can enable educational change towards innovative and creative school cultures. Creative learning is any learning, which involves comprehension and recognition. Helping students to focus upon their thinking skills basing everything on the empowerment of learning. Innovation is the process leading to creative thinking, implementation of new methods, tools and contents that could benefit creative potential (Russ, 1996). Creativity and learning has strong connections to knowledge and learning. Creative learning requires innovative instruction. Innovative
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