Development Of Egyptian Cca Projects Essay

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Climate change have enormous negatives risks threaten livelihoods and hinder development around the globe, according to Global Humanitarian Forum 500 million people are at extreme risk due to floods, droughts, landslides and tropical cyclones so governments, NGOs, private sector, and other stakeholders address climate change adaptation through projects and initiatives that represent the practical ways to adapt with CCR. Monitoring and evaluating process is responsible for being sure that the CC projects able to meet its objective through tracking successes and failures in order to foster learning. Chapter evaluate performance of Egyptian CCA projects Compared to global projects to investigate gaps and extract lessons learned.
1.1. Scope of study
Study discussing climate change adaptation projects that implemented as Part of the official CCA policy then compare to global projects to investigate gaps and lessons learned, the selected case studies have same adaptation theme and face almost the same challenge, all of the case-studies selected from developing countries because they have approximately common in social, economic and environmental challenges that make the comparison fair. study investigate project scope, timeline, contractor, total cost, partner, goals, challenge and outcomes for 20 project, 9 project implemented in Egypt and 9 implemented in developing countries; Morocco, Mexico, Brazil, Kiribati, India, Philippine, Solomon Islands, Central African

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