Development Of Free States Vs. Slave States

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Development of Free States versus Slave States In the early to mid 1800s, the north and south of the United States weren’t so united. The southern states, which included states such as Louisiana, Mississippi and Georgia, believed that slavery was an important factor in the development of plantations. The development of free states and slave states contributed to The Civil War in the way that they were the ones fighting the war. The free states wanted to keep all of the states together while the slave states wanted to make their own laws and rules. While arguing about whether or not to keep the states together as a whole, The Civil War broke out, but eventually the free states, or northerners, won. Compromises of Congress Made Along The Way During the entire process of everything that was happening in North America over the course of the early to mid 1800s, Congress was forced to come up with compromises that could temporarily keep the peace of the northern and southern states. One of the compromises was the Missouri Compromise, which promised that Maine would become a free state, everything below a certain point would be considered a “slave state” and everything above that certain point would be considered a “free state.” Congress also passed the Compromise of 1820, which created the Fugitive Slave Act, abolished Washington DC’s slave trade, made California a free state and created boundaries between Texas and New Mexico. Congress also passed the 3/5s Compromise,

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