Development Of Horn

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First of all, I want to talk about the historical development of horn. In the past, horn was no valves. The horn players in the classical period had to use their right hand to control every note. Mozart four horn concerti were the famous pieces of the classical period. In the baroque era, horn means the horns from animal, speciously from the goats. People in this period used the natural horn to hunting. The natural horn was the ancient of the horn, usually the natural horn used in hunting. The natural horn names the hunting horn, too. Before the classical period, the natural horn had to use the right hand and the lips to control the notes and pitch. The hunting horn used for the nobles when they went to hunt. The hunting horn changed the shape a…show more content…
This invention made the horn players play horn easily. The range for the horn was easier from the lower range to the high range. Because the horn players can play horn without the right hand to control notes and used the values to change the length of the horn. Many skills were difficult for the natural horn to play, such as lip-trills, hand-stopped, and rapid tonguing. However, Carl Maria Friedrich Ernst von Weber still used the four natural horns to describe the forest in the overture of Der Freischütz. At the act 3, he was keeping used the natural horns to be the hunting sounds. It means the original horn was an important role for hunting. The horn is one of the hardest instruments because the mouthpiece is small and horn body can be 12.1 foot. Horn developed many different kinds, normally according to keys . Single horns used one key, the F key. Double horns used the F and the B flat keys. Triple horns used the F, the B flat and the high F keys; the high F key lets players play high notes more easily. Natural horns have no valves and Vienna horns use the piston valves. F key horn makes sound warmer. In the other hand, the B flat key makes the sound
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