Development Of Identity And Journey

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Identity Many people believe that a journey leads to a development of identity, of who we are as a person. Along the same lines, our values and characteristics evolve over time, as we make changes throughout our lives. Therefore, the liaison that identity and journey, share is a journey of obstacles and internal and external trials. Thus, helping us grow by maturing and helps develop valuable life skills as a result, learning new experiences. This journey will help us see what makes us different from one another and whom we want to identify. Throughout this journey, we will develop qualities and go through failure. The failures will help us not to give up, but keep going, and that is going to be a key point on shaping our identity. For example, this will help us identify if we are a strong or weak-minded. This odyssey may aid you by appreciating life and finding peace in the things that made you miserable. Furthermore, journey and identity connect because we have to go through an internal, external, and transformative journey to shape our identity to self-define, who and what we are. In other words, how this journey sets us apart from other people. First, to identify who we are as a person we must go through an internal journey on why it shapes our identity to self-define who we are. For example, an internal journey will give us a sense of unique individuality. Thus, how we evolve during this journey, like how we change on the inside. For instance, our emotional path will…
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