Development Of Immigrant Children

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1. Statement and explanation of my research question:
a) My research question is “How can I support the optimal learning and development of immigrant children in my classroom?” The three sub-questions which I have developed to help answer this question are, “What are the challenges that immigrant children face in New York City?”, “How can I include and support immigrant children’s families in their child’s learning and development?”, and “How can I create an environment and curriculum that respects and embraces immigrant children and their families?”

b) The context and background for this study has evolved from my years teaching at a Head Start in Washington Heights. The community that I have worked with for the past five years is a majority
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Furthermore it is my belief or bias that the treatment of immigrant children and their families (both documented and undocumented) by the United States government and immigration laws can have damaging impacts on the social/emotional and educational development of young children and their right to grow-up in a healthy and secure environment. Through this research study I hope that I can learn from the children, their families, members of the community, fellow teachers, experts, educational research and my own experience in order to more optimally support the education and development of immigrant…show more content…
The reason I chose such a large pool to include in my study sample is that they all have particular viewpoints and experiences that can help me learn more about my research questions. The children in the study sample include 13 children in my classroom from immigrant families; each child has either or both parents, siblings, and extended family born in another country. All of the children are of Latino descent and speak Spanish as their first language with varying degrees of English language skills. The children were all born in the United States and their ethnicities include eight children of Mexican descent, three children of Dominican descent, and two children of Ecuadorian descent. From these children I hope to learn more about how their home lives, experiences, and culture impact their learning in my classroom and how to more effectively support their development through observation, culturally relevant tools, books and activities, and parent participation and recommendations. The families in my study include the 13 families of the children mentioned above to help me learn more of the challenges which their families face as immigrants, their feelings about the school their children attend, their feelings about my classroom, the strengths, skills, and activities
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