Development Of Infancy And Early Childhood

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Jessica Wilson Development in Infancy and Early Childhood Throughout the course of the human lifespan, the period of most rapid development extends through infancy and early childhood. The early stages of development that occur during this time set the stage upon which further and more specific aspects of development will occur. There are many different external and internal components which influence and guide development during this time. These components include the individual’s family, including more specific parenting styles, as well as early education and the individual’s social environment. Each of these various aspects of development plays a critical and widespread role in these initial stages of development. Throughout infancy, the individual typically interacts almost exclusively with their immediate family. At this time the child does not have a social environment outside of the family and therefore the family is representative of child’s entire environmental influence. As was discussed previously, the environment has an undeniably large influence on the individual’s development and therefore it is clear that the family plays a huge role during early development. Additionally, it is during this time that the family will have the greatest influence on the individual as other environmental factors will come into play later in life. The role of the family in development is incredibly complex. The family, especially the parents, will stimulate the child, comfort

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