Development Of Instruments With Applications

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Rahul Shelgaonkar MS: Biomedical Engineering Statement of Purpose With my brother – elder to me by 5 years – and father, both engineers, I grew up listening to conversations that often revolved around the upcoming technologies, researches and applications of various machines, tools, etc. When I entered grade XII, I decided that I too would pursue their footsteps and enrolled for an undergraduate program in instrumentation engineering. The 4 year program introduced me to subjects such as Transducers and Instrumentation Components, Electrical and Electronic measurements, Electronic Equipment design, Analytical Instrumentation, Process Control Instrumentation, Power plant Instrumentation, Digital and optimal Control Systems among others. I observed on various occasions, especially in transducers and instrumentation components that there existed a wide enough rift between learning and practical implementation. The undergraduate course enabled me to grasp the fundamentals involved in the particular discipline of engineering, and prepared me for my eventual aims viz. research pertaining to the development of instruments with applications in the medical field. I hope to fashion modern yet affordable instruments so that as many people as possible can access the required healthcare especially in a developing country like India. A master’s program in Biomedical Engineering will be a step in that direction. In the fourth
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