Development Of Mass Media

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Mass Media Development
Katrina Gray
December 4, 2017
Allyson Wells Development of Mass Media
Over the last century we have seen many new developments in mass media. Through print, electronics, and digital communication these changes have been a huge impact and influence on American culture. The way we communicate has changed so much that many traditional leaders have lost partial control over how information is being distributed. As time goes by and we continue to advance through technology, we will continue to see an overlap in how technology affects each era.
3 Major Developments in Mass Media
Printing has been an influence on American culture as the machine production of mass quantities resulted in lower cost per unit for books. This is what lead to the Industrial revolution, modern capitalism, and the consumer culture of the twentieth century. Eventually the print media was the key tool for commercial and political leaders. This is what they used to deal out and maintain social order. With the revolution in industry, middle class, and elite business class were able to obtain influence that was only held by nobility or clergy. Now with the internet a lot of single businesses, and political leaders find it difficult to gain control over printing technology. Mass publication has been able to reach the middle and working class, not just the wealthy upper-class citizens being literacy rates has increased.
The electronic era started with the development of the
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