Development Of Modernism After World War II

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After the Second World War, attention immediately turned towards reconstructing a better world. Like the earlier world war, it destroyed a previous social and economic order (Curtis, 1996). Many of tall buildings were built to meet the large number of human requirements. Modernism was rapidly developed at that time. This essay aims to explore the development of modernism after World War II by compare and contrast the two apartments which are Hansaviertel Apartment in German and Society Hill Towers in the USA. It first discusses the similarity of the two chosen buildings. Then explains the difference of design, which includes surroundings, building form and the apartment layout. Furthermore, explore the factors lead to those difference which are policy, the influence of the other architects and architects’ own belief. As cities were destroyed during the war, there were increasing needs of buildings especially the apartments and houses. These two chosen projects have the same functions as apartments. They were both high-rise buildings, which were built as a part of the redevelopment of the city after the war. The Hansaviertel Apartment was built in 1957, Berlin, Germany and designed by Alar Aalto. The other one is named Society Hill Towers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I.M Pei is the designer for this apartment. The two apartments were built at the same time but contrast greatly in term of design, which can represent the several kinds of development of modernism after the
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