Development Of Nutritional Information For The Uc Merced Varsity Athlete

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Allen McCreary

Concordia University Irvine
MCAA 550 Research Methods & Analysis
June, 15th 2015
Prof. Dr. Kent Schlichtemeier

Chapter 1
Having spent the past Fifteen years coaching women’s volleyball, I have witnessed many performance issues that come with a lack of nutrition from female athletes as well as my daughters. I am a Head coach for a small college in Merced California. It is located in the central valley where there are many farming communities. I am the head women’s volleyball coach and as well as the strength and conditioning coach for my athletes. I am in my fourth year here and started the program from the ground.
The level that I coach is NAIA and types of players that I recruited are scholarship players but at a mid-level talent. We are a small budget team trying to grow to the NCAA DII level. My team is diverse ranging from multiple ethnic backgrounds. They all have very different eating habits that can cause them to perform at very different levels. The other concern is having half of the team living off campus and the other half on campus which can hurt by having food or not having food to eat healthy enough. The benefit of adequate nutrition contributing to successful athletic performance is well known, but not completely understood and applied among athletes. The purpose of this study was to assess nutrient intakes, and dietary habits
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