Development Of Online Dating And Technology

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Development of online dating
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Today, people can do many things digitally, and it would appear totally new content and new economic models in this digital age (Negroponte, Nicholas, 1996). In the decade, the percentage of Internet users escalates every year form 14.1% in 2004 to 40% in 2014, according to Paralleling with the increasing of internet usage, online dating becomes a popular industry in some counties, and Pew Center study shows that the percentage of online dating adult user rises to 11% in 2013 from 3% in 2008 in the US (the majority of online dating). Therefore, online dating is considered to be a new profitable service. Besides, mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, become more prevalent; to achieve digital convergence more online dating websites provided applications which allow users to date online everywhere, and it is called mobile dating. According to a eMarketer’s report, released in 11 June 2014, that American adults spent more time on social network with mobile devices then with PCs, meaning that the way of doing online activities transferred from desktop to laptop and then to mobile devices.
In this essay, it will mainly cover the online dating’s development and business model and its impact. Moreover, what makes online dating prevalent, and how do people change the way of finding a mate are also worth discussing.
Why people do online dating?
Only if people need it, it exists. Technology
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