Development Of Quality Management Systems

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Ever since the beginning of civilisation and the production and usage of tools and equipment, man had always sought ways of producing goods of the highest standards, at the lowest costs possible. These initiatives, however, were often thwarted by faults in the manufacturing material or by labour mistakes leading to the failure of goods. Before the industrial revolutions and mass production, these failures and faults in goods resulted in minor losses, due to the small scale on which goods were being produced, and thus had no significant impact on industry. However, along with advances in technology, transport, communication and manufacturing came mass production, which revolutionised the process of manufacturing, leaving no space for such errors and production faults. A system was needed to ensure that, at every stage in the manufacturing process, certain quality standards were met, preventing any unfortunate occurrences from happening. This lead to the development of Quality Management Systems, “A system by which an organization aims to reduce and eventually eliminate nonconformance to specifications, standards, and customer expectations in the most cost effective and efficient manner,” as defined by the Business Dictionary. This lead to the emergence of the ISO 9001: a standard which is not product-related, but one that idealizes how Quality Management Systems should operate, and describes the processes a firm should follow to achieve certain,…
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