Development Of Strategic Human Resource Management

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The evolution for the latest office culture to provide freedom and opportunity for transforming business has been emphasized in this academic research study. The role and contribution of SHRM in this direction is considered inseparable. It helps in encouraging new forms of working and making the environment suitable and adequate for effective work. The aspect of Strategic Human Resource Management facilitates in achieving the business performance through productive and satisfied employees, enhanced knowledge sharing and collaboration, speedier process of work flow and synchronizing the business activities in accordance with the structure and design of the work force.

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Introduction: 4
Purpose of the
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It in fact it helps in facing new challenges regarding implementation of new technologies in work space, in meeting the demands of leadership and managerial skills by the organization, in reorganizing the organizations and fruitful utilization of furniture, space, technologies and facilities (Gueutal and Stone, 2012).
Background of the topic:
The main background of this topic revolves round how technological advancement can help in changing the office structure for meeting business requirements and in up grading the quality of the existing work force. Grossman (2013) stated that the role of information technology is very vital in ensuring steady growth and development of the business by effectively utilizing the staffs to meet the organizational aims and objectives. At the same time the technical ways of performing also saves great deal of time and effort thereby making the entire business process cost effective for gaining a competitive advantage. Finally the backdrop of the study also helps in analyzing and knowing how the organizational forms and structure can create an impact on the work process and the attitude of the employees (Biles and Holmberg, 2007).
Structure of the Report:
The structure of the report has to be specific so that it can convey the desired impact to the readers for further application. The nature and scope of the study depends largely on the structure of the report and can help in understanding
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