Development Of The Android Software

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Abstract: The project focuses on development of the android software, which allows users to keep a track of exercises. The users are provided with information such as how to track and how to attain different levels of accomplishments depending on their goals, motivation to attain those goals through alerts and sharing services. They can check their own progress status. This system also provides a ranking strategy.

Problem statement: To the very simple health scenarios, there are various factors that impede their running plans:

• People are extremely busy with their time schedules to find time for running or to perform other workouts.
• Not being able to track own progress.
• Finding people with similar goals is extremely difficult.
• They do not follow proper schedule.
• Lack of motivation.
• Few people may end up with in-active or over-active groups.
• People get too lazy at times.
• Complicates user interfaces and systems.
• There is a lot of unnecessary data with less real data.
• There are no simple mobile applications.

Motivation and proper information are two important factors. It is necessary to make workouts entertaining. It is very important to convince them that they have enough energy levels, and also the ability to achieve their goals.

FIT App: We propose a simple and a powerful system which deals with the above mentioned
Problems. Our system deals with the mobile application to help the user track, maintain and be
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