Development Of The Human Brain

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Development of the brain The human brain is the most complex structure in the universe. We are still unsure of its complexity today. The human brain begins forming very early in prenatal life ( just three weeks after conception), but in many ways, brain development is a lifelong project. That is because the same events that shape the brain during development are also responsible for storing information, new skills and memories throughout life. ( Thesis statement (what is your paper going to discuss)
Development all starts the moment of conception. According to the information provided by Modern mom, By the time you are three weeks pregnant, the developing embryo has formed a neural groove, which is the foundation for the brain structure. By the time your baby is born, their brain will have over 100 billion neurons. By birth, only the lower portions of the nervous system (the spinal cord and brain stem) are well developed, whereas the higher regions (the limbic system and cerebral cortex) are still rather primeval. The lower brain is in control of the newborn 's behavior, such as the kicking, crying, and grasping. These behaviors are the functions of the brainstem and spinal cord. This includes the visual behavior- their ability to track a moving object. Cite Info
The brain will not be fully developed until late adolescence. Up until then, their brains will experiences different periods of development. Jean Piaget was a dDevelopment biologist who devoted
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