Development Of The Middle East And Asia

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LIST OF CASES. DEVELOPMENTS IN AFRICA, MIDDLE EAST AND ASIA. Many of the states were early signatories to BITs, agreements prepared by capital exporting states. In the early 1980s, the Asian-African Legal Consultative Organization (AALCO) which was formed in 1956, published three draft BITs, which provided different models of investment liberalization and protection.(41) In 1980, the United treaties Agreement for the Investment of Arab Capital was signed in the Arab States creating an Arab Investment Court and its first decision was given in the case of Tanmiah v. Tunisia, 12 October 2004. In addition, the European Economic Community (EEC) and some African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) states concluded the Lom? III and Lom? IV Conventions,…show more content…
The NAFTA is a comprehensive free trade agreement between Canada, Mexico and the US covering, among other things, goods, services, government procurement and investment. ENERGY CHARTER TREATY. The Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) was concluded in 1994 and covers multilateral co-operation in the areas of investments, trade, energy transit, energy efficiency and environmental protection.(44) The ECT?s investment protection provisions are similar to those found in other BITs, although they only apply to investments in the energy sector. As of 14 Jun. 2008, the Energy Charter Secretariat listed eighteen ECT investor-state dispute settlement cases on its website. Thirteen of the cases were pending, two had been settled by the parties and in three cases tribunals had made a final award. The three final awards are: Nykomb Synergetics Technology Holding AB v. Latvia (Award, 16 Dec. 2003); Petrobart Limited v. Kyrgyz Republic (Award, 29 Mar. 2005) and Limited Liability Company Amto v. Ukraine (Award, 26 Mar. 2008). In addition, there are two resolutions on jurisdiction: Plama Consortium Limited v. Bulgaria (Decision on Jurisdiction, 8 Feb. 2005) and Ioannis Kardassopoulos v. Georgia (Decision on Jurisdiction, 6 Jul. 2007). WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION. Under pre-WTO GATT law, the GATT applied only to a limited number of trade-related investment measures (TRIMs), primarily those that link foreign investment to a requirement to use domestic goods. In addition to
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