Development Of Vehicles And Its Impact On The Human Civilization

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1 Introduction Our primary purpose is to illustrate the development of mechanical engineering. In this essay, the development of vehicles will be elaborated to represent the entire industrial engineering. The vehicle has made a deep influence on the human’s civilization since it appeared and there is no stopping advancement. Vehicles are becoming more sophisticated and everything seems to be getting faster, more efficient, more compact or hands-free. In modern society, vehicles bring people much convenience and people have already lived without cars. Vehicles are also the engine of the economy of a country. In the 21st century, vehicles develop faster than ever before and the future vehicles will play a major role in the future technology revolution. In the essay, we will introduce the history of cars firstly; secondly, current technology used in the vehicles will be illustrated; the third part will clarify what the future vehicle will be like. 2 Development of vehicles 2.1 Historical background Vehicles and other modern advanced sophisticated tools are not invented by some people who are sitting there, at the beginning of the invention of the car also is not like this, the development of the car also has a long process. Generally speaking, the development of the automobile has experienced several stages as the birth of the steam car, internal combustion engine car and the father of modern cars. In 1712, the British Thomas Newcomen was the first person who invented the

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