Development Of Wireless Mobile Telecommunication Essay

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The purpose of the paper is to focus on the development of wireless mobile telecommunication. Firstly, cellular network technology is introduced to understand the basis of wireless mobile telecommunication. And then the history evolvement of mobile telephone systems is investigated to help know the background of fourth-generation wireless communication (4G). Finally, the standard of 4G, different categories, the spread spectrum radio technologies as well as potential benefits and problems that come with it are discussed. Especially, LTE standard is further explained, including FDD-LTE, TDD-LTE and LTE advanced.

Cellular Network
In the development history of data communications and telecommunications, one of the most significant advances has been the cellular networks technology, which is the foundation of wireless mobile telecommunication and supports users in locations that are not easily served by wired networks. It is the underlying technology for mobile telephones, wireless Internet and mobile web applications, and so on.
Cellular network is a network where the last connection is wireless. In cellular network multiple low-power transmitters are used, with 100 W or less, thus, the spread range of such a transmitter is small, dividing an area into cells. A band of frequencies is allocated to each cell and each cell is served by a base station (BS), including of transmitter, receiver, and control unit. The base station provides wireless network coverage which can be used
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