Development Of Women Higher Education

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Development of Women Higher Education in the United Kingdom
A high-quality education is not only a need for every citizen in all countries, but also a fundamental right. This implies that everyone is entitled to it, irrespective of gender. However, this has not been the case not only in the United Kingdom, but also almost in all countries across the world. Disparities that are found in the many aspects of development with regard to gender have forced women to remain behind.1 In fact, in many countries, women were not allowed to go to school, especially before the Great War. Despite the fact that there are some marginal improvements in the British Universities, there is a long way to go with regard to disparities witnessed.1 In addition, the proportion of academics for women is higher, but the number in the higher education is still low. This implies that there is a need to find out whether there is a method of ensuring that women in the higher institution of learning are more than they are. According to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), the gender pay gap in the British remains high and there is a little improvement that has been realized.1 Initially, there were many obstacles to higher education, which made them to concentrate on the household chores. However, the majority of them realized their potential after men went to fight in the World War I. Notably, during the war period, education was highly neglected, but was reconstructed during the
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