Development Paper : English Language Learners

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Development Paper: Susanna Chao Jordyn Lyle (jrl497) Education Psychology 9/14/14 Introduction/background information: Susanna Chao is fourteen years old, of Asian ethnicity, English is her second language but she does not require any English Language Learners Programs. She did attend preschool at ages three and four. Susanna’s home life seems stable. However, it is not that of a typical living situation. She lives in an apartment with her mother and grandmother. She has two younger siblings, a sister and a brother. Susanna has attended several different schools in her life, primarily elementary schools. According to past teacher comments and grade reports, her grades have suffered due to tardiness, absences, and lack of engagement in subjects that don’t peak her interest. She has, however, improved her grades in reading, language arts, science, technology, and social science. Her teachers in extracurricular classes comment about her being a joy to their class, and being eager to learn from them. Part One-Expectations: 1. Physical- I expect that Susanna is experiencing the rush of hormonal imbalances that most girls her age are enduring at this time. She should approach her adult height within the next two years. Her limbs will become more proportionate to her body, and I expect that her body composition will change as well. She will be filling out as a young lady. All of these assumptions/expectations are based on an article that was written by Angela Oswalt, who has a
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