Development Phase Of The Systems Development Life Cycle

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Iteration 2 – Development Phase

Plan This iteration will cover the development phase of the systems development life cycle. This iteration has two objectives: (1) To learn what processes take place in the development phase at Almac (2) Learn how the process at Almac differs from other companies in the industry. My plan is to interview a systems developer from Almac and a systems developer from another company. I have selected Anne Beeman from Almac Group and Nestor Ramirez from Century 21 the department store. Anne has worked as a systems developer for Almac Group for three and a half years. I selected her because she has worked in both developing new studies and also in maintaining existing studies. Anne will provide more insight
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I will present him with the options of a Face time video call or a standard telephone call. I believe that the interviews will happen within a matter of days. I will ask Anne if she is available on Wednesday March 2, 2016. I am hoping that Nestor will be available on the same date as Anne just later in the day. These meetings are very important because developers bring all the aspects of the planning and analysis phases to life. These interviews will give me in depth knowledge about what processes developers take to code a project. I am also interested to know what their involvement is throughout the varying stages of the systems development life cycle.


I asked Anne if she’d be willing to participate in my project in person. She agreed and said that I could schedule a meeting whenever I was open. My interview with Anne happened on the 2nd of March. I arrived at the meeting room a bit earlier than our scheduled time so that I could setup and prepare. She was about 20 minutes late because her lunch went late but I had scheduled ample time for us to chat so I wasn’t worried. The questions I prepared for Anne are shown in Figure 1 below: Figure 7. Seven questions prepared for Anne Beeman (Developer). The meeting agenda was followed. However, conversation with Anne flowed easily and so I also had the opportunity to ask supplemental and supporting questions in response to her
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