Development Plan - Accounting Office

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I – BACKGROUND The UEP Accounting office is considered to be one of the important units of the institution. The office establish and maintains, on behalf of the administration, an accurate accounting system, develo9ps a sound internal accounting controls to safeguard the university assets from loss through unauthorized use or disposition and assume the proper recording of financial transactions in accordance with Governmental Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). The Accounting office is situated on the first floor-leftwing of the UEP-Administration building. The unit is headed by a young, brilliant, and dynamic man, with sixteen (16) competent employees under his supervision, who in their own way manage to be an asset of…show more content…
Objectives of eNGAS 1. Standardize recording and reporting of government financial transactions. 2. Consolidate financial reports for National Government Agencies (NGAS), Local Government Units (LGUs) and Government Owned and Controlled Corporation (GOCCs). 3. Align the Government Accounting System with International Accounting Standard (IAS). 4. Ensure accountability and transparency in government financial management. eNGAS Environment /Technical feature: - Runs on Microsoft SQL Server or other multi platform database management system - Multi-user operations - Alpha search and look-up system codes and transactions - Alpha data entry and validations - Online query/reporting facility - Audit trail fro system users - Automatic recovery from hardware and system failure - Systems installation fee is very minimal - Inclusion of the standard NGAs chart of accounts - Automatic checking of balances between debits and credits - Data validation to avoid duplication and redundancy - Electronic processing and approval of Journal Entry Voucher (JEV), recording of transactions in the General Journal and posting to respective General Ledger and Subsidiary Ledgers. - Online tracking of Property, Plant and Equipment (PPE) items, as to acquisition of costs,
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