Development Plan For The Professional And The Academic Field

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Development Needs Analysis


Why a development planning is important to a learner who wants to succeed in the professional and the academic field? A development plan is defined as a structured and supported process commenced by learners to consider their own learning, performance and achievement and to plan for their personal, educational and career development. In another words, a development plan is an inclusive process, which is opened to all learners, in all higher education provision settings, and at all levels. An effective development plan can improve the ability of learners to re-examine, arrange and take responsibility for our learning and to understand what and how we learn. A development plan helps learners to
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My goals
Setting goals is very important for personal development, by limiting my prospect to one to three goals, it allows me to be more concentrate on the specific objectives that I believe will benefit my future career and my academic achievement. For the time being, there could be three types of goals to be set.
First of all, the strategic goals, I am aiming to obtain a master degree or receive a higher education qualification in order to improve my competitive edge for my future career development. I will need to start a career in the future so as to support and requite my family with my academic and achievement work accomplishment. I wish to start my career with an established company where my knowledge and academic expertise can be fully put to use.
Second goal is the operational goal which is that I have resolved to take action in studying the academic program I have applied, and make sure that I can complete it no
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