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MET CS 682 – Module 2 Assignment 2 Development Process & Risk Analysis Date of Submission: January 29, 2014 Table of Contents Introduction 3 Scenario 4 Part I. Selection of a Suitable Development Process 5 Waterfall Approach 5 Iterative Approach 5 Agile Approach 6 Development Process for MallKiosk Development 6 Part II. Risk Analysis 8 Identification of Risk 8 Risk Analysis 9 Risk Management 10 Appendices 12 Appendix 1: Waterfall Approach 12 Appendix 2: Agile Approach 12 Appendix 3: Risk Management 13 References 14 Introduction This week’s assignment focus on the processes of system development and risk involved. For someone like me who never was part of the full design phase of the…show more content…
For example: “Shoes at Macy’s: 20% discount for 3 or more” based on the last time this customer bought items. The following characteristics apply: * It is anticipated that MallKiosk features will change as often as every month after its release. * For example, new applications will be added and others removed. This may be reflected in their positions on menus. * For this reason, its functionality should be as easy as possible to modify by IT * MallKiosk may be extended in the future to interface with customer-service communication, including chat and telephone. * It has not yet been determined if MallKiosk will be served by several internally managed servers or if it will be cloud hosted. * A website is to be established that describes MallKiosk and its usage. * Your team has only four programmers experienced with programming of this type of system: ten are needed. * A third of the development team will be co-located; a third will reside in a second domestic location; another third in another offshore location. * Initial delivery is to be in six months. Part I. Selection of a Suitable Development Process Waterfall Approach For the past years, waterfall process had been used by small and big companies as an approach to development process. This approach looks like a waterfall where it shows a steady downwards flow. This approach of development is the most mature and disciplined. The
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