Development Stages 0-19 Years

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Unit 004 Children and Young People’s Development The table below shows at what stage’s the expected pattern of development for children will occur. The development areas cover Physical, Communication, Social, Emotional and Behavioural Development. Physical Development This is an area of development, that is often assumed will come automatically as the child grows. Although children develop many skills naturally it is important that they are given the opportunity to develop in a variety of ways in which require additional support. Communication and Intellectual development Communication and Intellectual developments are closely linked together as a child requires the language in order to think and learn. If they have limited…show more content…
Will start to | |12-18 Months |to things. Holds a beaker with |Learns different objects and points |entertain themselves. Likes to be | | |handles. Starts to build towers|to them. Will start to order things |close to an adult. | | |with building blocks. First |in size. | | | |mark making with crayons. Walks| | | | |independently | | | | |Thread string through a bobbin.|A vast vocabulary has developed at |Becomes shy towards strangers. | | |Starts to turn door |this stage. On average a child can |Dislikes change I a routine. | |18-24 Months |knobs/handles. |say 200 words. |Becomes clingy towards adults. | | |Bends down to pick up objects. |Might start to recognise and |Toilet training may begin, | | |Rolling and throwing a ball. |understand colours. |recognising the ‘need to go’ |
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